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Snow Removal


When the winter months come rolling in you deserve the piece of mind knowing that your lot, assets, and safety are always being monitored and maintained around the clock.


In this volatile economy, we know your business can’t afford to shut down because of a little snow.  McIntire Lawn & Landscape takes a proactive approach to the winter season.  When a storm is imminent we are on the job 24-7 always prepared for the harshest weather conditions imaginable.


Skid Steer
Boss Plow
Bulk Spreader
Snow Blower

We have all of the necessary equipment and workforce required to cover any and all property needs.  Whether you have miles of sidewalks to dozens of loading docks, we have what it takes to keep up with whatever mother nature decides to throw your way.



We work with our customers to formulate a comprehensive snow removal and ice management plan tailored to your site.  Whether you are needing a zero-tolerance program to eliminate any and all chances of slips or falls or a more modest program to maintain safe conditions, we can provide the level of service that you need for your business to be successful.

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