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Whether you're wanting a vibrant and scintillating perennial garden, a tall and imposing evergreen haven, or a well-balanced and diverse plan for full year interest, we have the plant knowledge and variety just for you. 


Rather than a full brand new landscape design, we can survey your current existing site layout and develop an idea to really make your landscape come to life that also fits right within your vision and budget. Sometimes all it takes is adding or removing a few plants or just some heavy and safe pruning in order to give your landscape a refreshing new look and feel.

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In present day we provide customized lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal services in all of central Indiana.  With only the newest and most innovative techniques and equipment, the possibilities are endless.  McIntire Lawn & Landscape seeks to offer only the best lawn care and landscaping solutions at a marginal price while building everlasting relationships and a loyal customer base.

Find out more about our services that we offer.


Learn more about our landsacpe design and planting services.


Create a stunning outdoor living area with a patio and other hardscapes

Lawn Care

Keep your yard happy, healthy & green with our lawn care services

Snow Removal

Keep your employees safe with our commercial snow remvoal programs.

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